• DILAUDID 8mg/90 tabs $317 (was $357)
  • DILAUDID 8mg/180 tabs $580 (was $620)


  • DILAUDID 4mg/90 tabs $262 (was $302)
  • DILAUDID 4mg/180 tabs $415 (was $460)


11 thoughts on “Dilaudid

    1. Jay D

      worth the time. i didnt pay for overnight shipping on my first order, but i will next time. Hated the 3 day wait, alls good tho

  1. Aaron Cobb

    I want to buy DILAUDID 8mg/90 tabs $317

    What do I need to do ? Just go get a Money Pack with $317 on it ?

    I’m ready

  2. big G

    bought Opana 40mg and Roxicodone 30mg in Bulk, after two trial orders that both came thru no problem, i spent over a grand and same as before, next day FedEx was here with it. Cant beat it, system works


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