• PURDUE OXYCONTIN 20MG: 30ct for $310 (was $355)
  • PURDUE OXYCONTIN 40MG: 30ct for $420 (was $465)
  • PURDUE CDN OXYCONTIN 60MG: 30ct for $450 (was $495)
  • PURDUE OXYCONTIN 80MG: 30ct for $570 (was $615)

6 thoughts on “Oxycontin

  1. shadow

    I would like to order 80mg oxycontin how many come in each box/bottle and how long would it take to get them to nsw Australia

  2. Steve Dog

    Interested in purchasing oxycontin for my severe back pain. Dr. Only wants to give me hydrocodone and that’s just not doing anything. What do I need to do to order?


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