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15 thoughts on “HYDROCODONE

  1. James Gregory

    Hello, I would like to place an order for 90 Norco 10/325. When would I receive it if ordered tonight? Thanx

  2. Karen

    I was just wondering if you can really buy this online I’m not believing I would get a shipment or get it I think I will loose my money…………..

  3. ress

    to much run around thru the doctors my wife is a 3 year canser survivor and has cronic pancreatitus and they are giving us the run around she is taking norco 10 now

  4. Jenny

    I placed the order, payment was easy using moneypak, as soon as i got my tracking number i was a bit relieved. Order came next day, site rocks!

  5. Jennifer Throckmorton

    i bought the Dilaudid 8mg overnight for $357 by Moneypak. got it next day. cant complain with anything except i WISH i bought more lol

  6. mister G

    I am a monthly customer just putting the word, i have spent over 10k here in the passed 8 months. Not one hickup yet


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